What is SomaSoul®?

What is SomaSoUL®?

The core of SomaSoul Somatic Therapy is about deepening our capacity to truly listen to our bodies. Specifically, our capacity to listen to our emotional body. 

When we become more attuned to our bodies, to feel the somatic experience of our emotions, we are more connected to the feeling experience of our emotions versus our thinking experience where we get caught in worry, obsession, strategizing, and overthinking around our emotional struggles in life. 

As we take this new step in grounding ourselves in our embodied emotional experience we also then learn ways to tend to, care for, and gain wisdom from our somatic-emotional experience.

SomaSoul helps clients transform and heal from the many painful or difficult emotions and stress reactions that are stored within the body. 

Typically within a session, the client shares a challenging or stressful life experience and/or feeling experience they wish to explore. The SomaSoul therapist engages a somatic processing model that helps the client navigate these issues from a more intimate connection to their emotional body and body wisdom.

As the therapist guides the client, the client learns to relate to their emotional distress in a mindful, compassionate and body-centered way. 

What To Expect

Transform and heal emotions and stress reactions held in the body and nervous system.

Explore challenging life experiences and the somatic experience of our emotions in a supportive and experiential session.

Connect with your emotional body and body wisdom.

Develop mindful, compassionate, and body-centered approaches to navigate and resolve psychophysical distress.

Being a part of the SomaSoul training came into my life at a time when I really needed self-compassion, grounding, and a more supportive relationship with me. I am learning through the practices not just how to serve my clients but also how to also hold my very own experience, worth, and body as equally important and relevant in all the work I do with others. This work is completely needed and will continue to serve me as I grow both in my career and in myself.

Jessica V ., Dance, Movement, and Yoga Specialist

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