What is Shake Your Soul®?

What is Shake Your Soul®?

What does it mean to dance with soul? It’s hard to explain, but you know it when it happens!

Shake Your Soul is a mindful and soulful dance experience set to the rhythms of world music. Through Shake Your Soul you strengthen the mind-body connection as you move with and feel a sense of grace, presence, joy, sensuality, fluid strength, and freedom. 

You feel the music within you as the rhythms and melodic “feel”  of the music move your body and soul. Your hips start swaying and rotating, your legs feel free to move, your spine may undulate as your heart pulses with rhythm. Your body comes alive with spirit and soul.

It is so renewing when we feel alive, free, and joyful within our bodies, engaging in physical movement that doesn’t require willpower because it spiritually nourishes us. THIS is the Shake Your Soul experience. 

Shake Your Soul is a unique blend of: 

  • contemplative and mindful movement (through elements of qigong and yoga)
  • fluid and dynamic dance expression
  • creative explorations that deepen and liberate your connection to yourself and to others.

The beginning of the class opens with mindful movement to help ground one’s body and spirit. Yoga, through elongating our connective tissue, opens the energy pathways that our prana or life force travels.  

Qigong, a unique energy cultivation movement practice, attunes to and moves the qi (or prana/life force) within our bodies as well as drawing upon and connecting to the qi that surrounds us within the earth and the heavens. 

This strengthens the connection and unification between body, movement, and life force (our prana, our qi). This original inner connection of body and spirit is encouraged to sustain and grow as we progress to more expressive movements.

The class continues with a dynamic range of soulful movements that opens you to your fluid nature. Our bodies are over 60% fluid, and this fluid — whether it’s joint fluid, the fluid between the cells of your muscles, the fluid of your blood, or the cerebral-spinal fluid — each have qualitatively different ways of moving within us that we can move outward into space. 

Dancing in concert with our fluid and spiritual natures makes Shake Your Soul a truly unique movement and wellness experience. As we move out into space expressing the ways that our fluids are moving within us – we can access new ways of moving that help us to get unstuck and feel more free, uninhibited and alive.

Additionally, we all have an instinct to join in community and connect with others from a deeper place within us, a more soulful and enlivened place. Shake Your Soul has numerous creative processes that facilitate the development of a safe and soulful connection with others without losing the bond to our own bodies and souls. 

Shake Your Soul is an immersive experience deepening your connection to the natural dancer within. This natural dancer instinctively emerges when listening to music that moves you! The Shake Your Soul class showcases world music that moves our global soul, that knows no territorial boundaries!

What To Expect

Shake Your Soul integrates various dance and movement therapy forms into an exhilarating experience.

Deepen soul connection, cultivate a joyful community, and enjoy a meditative, liberating dance workout.

Experience innovative, natural movements with world music, incorporating meditation and transitioning to sensual, soulful dance.

When I come to a Shake Your Soul class, I start waking up bit by bit.  I come in contact with what my body needs, what it wants – what kind of stretching, what kind of activity – and a kind of alive energy comes up so that I feel electrical and alive.  I feel joyful and happy to be me.  I feel at my best when I take these classes and I feel great for quite a while afterwards once I’ve walked out the door.  

Emily F., Adult Educator

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