Shake Your Soul®: The Yoga Of Dance Teacher Training

Shake Your Soul®: the Yoga of Dance Teacher Training

Become a Shake Your Soul teacher and inspire people to move and dance with joy and soul! 

The opportunity to be a teacher of Shake Your Soul is life-changing. Shake Your Soul invites you to embody the music as the rhythm and melodic “feel” of the music moves your body and soul. Your hips start swaying and rotating, your legs feel free to move, your spine may undulate as your heart pulses with rhythm. Your body comes alive with spirit and soul. You become a catalyst that awakens the souls of the participants in your class as you allow your inner soul-filled dancer to emerge from within you.  Your internal connection to yourself and the joy of moving is an essential ingredient to the class experience. In turn, this gives your class participants permission and support to discover their essence through movement.

Transform the community where you live as you train in this wellness practice that will have people joining together as you help them shake their souls, energize their bodies, and feel a deeper connection within and with each other!

It is so renewing when we feel alive, free, and joyful within our bodies, engaging in physical movement  that doesn’t require willpower because it spiritually nourishes us. THIS is the Shake Your Soul experience. 

This training is an immersion into Shake Your Soul and the joy of movement.  Daily Shake Your Soul classes let you experience the magic as a participant. Beyond these classes, each day is a deep immersion into the fluids of the body: joint fluid, the fluid between the cells of your muscles, the fluid of your blood and  the cerebral-spinal fluid.  Trainees are guided into how to embody and express the fluid aspect of their bodies and learn how to help their students do the same. Additionally with the daily qigong and yoga to release tensions and open to the body’s energy flow allows for a dance experience that is so uniquely connected to one’s spirit.

Our training prepares the Shake Your Soul teacher to guide a healing movement-dance class that allows for a rich and spiritually exuberant dance experience – one in which you guide students to discover their own soul-inspired movements.

For those looking to teach a class that you would truly enjoy taking, the Shake Your Soul dance experience is incredibly unique and transforming! 

This training is conducted in person at the Won Dharma Retreat Center in Claverack, New York.


    Embody the various free-flowing movement qualities that exist within all of us, including the fluids of intercellular, blood, synovial, and cerebral spinal fluid, in order to lead dance from a more fluid you.

    Teach a comprehensive fluid repertoire stemming from the many different fluid elements.Gain mastery in your movement expression through movement facilitation sessions.

    Lead simple and deeply valuable yoga poses and qigong movements to help ground, center and open to a flow of energy within and around us.

    Guide various creative movement explorations that open people to their own creative spirit’s instinct to be free and expressive alone and with others.

    Deepen your connection and access to music that energizes the fluid expression and your soul’s desire to move as you participate in music appreciation sessions.

    Shake Your Soul : Timeline

    Level 1 Training

    In this 7-day training you will learn:

    • A dance repertoire based on the fluids within our bodies that awaken our natural dancer.
    • Dynamic and organic class sequences that feel great and free the spirit.
    • Improvisational exercises that let dancers discover their love of movement.
    • The power of inner communion and how body and soul unite through dance.
    • The joy of a creative community that shares the spark of spirit through the language of dance.

    After Level 1 training graduates receive an 18-month certification, during which time we ask that you return for Level 2 Training to receive a lifetime certification.

    Level 1 Teacher Training in person: July 19 to July 26, 2024
    Won Dharma Center, Claverack, NY

    Level 2 Training

    In this 5-day training, you will:

    • Refresh your body and mind on the Shake Your Soul repertoire along with additional Level 2 repertoire.
    • Deepen your ties to your fluid nature while reconnecting with the power and joy within. Receive guidance to embrace your power as a facilitator.

    After Level 2 training graduates receive a lifetime certification.

    Level 2 Teacher Training in person: April 15 to April 21, 2024
    Won Dharma Center, Claverack, NY

      I came to learn some dance moves but what I learned was that dance is really an extension of self and it’s okay to be real whether that means I’m expressing pain or whatever it is. I learned that from Dan’s example and I hope to bring some of that into my daily life and to incorporate that into classes

      Dylan L., Kripalu Intern

      Dan and Sage were awesome! They complimented each other very well… were thorough, clear and supportive. The whole week was amazing and rich. I appreciated having space to play with the various movement qualities and felt encouraged and supported to explore our own movements. They both held the space with acceptance for our (and their own) humanness, which allowed us to move and connect with others from wherever we were in the moment. This training felt alive with realness in connection to self and others from an embodied state.

      Sandee H., Dance Instructor and Photographer

      I’ve been a dance teacher my whole life and being able to find a way to come into myself as I teach was incredible.  I always thought that if I enjoyed myself as I teach it would come off as arrogant or like I was showing off and not focused on my students.   Learning how to embody the movement, find my own enjoyment, and be an inspiration for others to find that in themselves has been a life changing experience and I will definitely bring that into all of my teaching.  Whether I’m teaching a Shake Your Soul class or a regular dance class, finding ways to truly embody myself is something that is so rich and so wonderful.

      Jessica V., Dance, Movement and Yoga Specialist

      Level 1 Teacher Training 2025

      July 18-25, 2025 at Won Dharma Center -Notify me when registration opens

      Enroll Now - Level 1 Teacher Training 2024

      July 19-26, 2024 at Won Dharma Center

      Level 2 Teacher Training

      April 22-27, 2025 at Won Dharma Center -Notify me when registration opens

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