SomaSoul® Somatic Therapy transforms your life

Shake Your Soul® energizes your body and soul

“Connecting to our authenticity brings soul and meaning to our lives, whether through movement and dance or opening into the embodied experience of our feelings.”

Dan Leven

Heal yourself

Embark with us on a transformative journey to well-being, addressing your mind, body, and spirit. Experience profound healing and personal growth as you find inner harmony.

Transform others

Unlock your potential for lasting impact. Empower others to thrive and achieve their true potential through our comprehensive methods for personal and professional growth.

Join a supportive community

Join a vibrant, inclusive community valuing growth, connection, and well-being. Discover a nurturing space where individuals uplift each other on their transformative journeys.

Welcome to Life Movement

Our programs guide you to healing, greater happiness, and well-being. Our teacher/healer training programs expand and deepen your skills while also serving as a personal resource for your growth.

LIFE Movement (Leven Institute for Expressive Movement) is a teaching institute that offers somatic training programs to help enrich your talents and realize your potential as you bring healing and transformation to your clients and students!

Both SomaSoul Somatic Therapy Training and Shake Your Soul Teacher Training are suitable for individuals wanting to immerse themselves in these transformative experiences without intending to be educators or therapists for others. In particular, with SomaSoul Somatic Therapy, the Inner Development Program is designed specifically for one’s personal growth and healing during the second year.


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LIFE Movement Training Programs


SomaSoul Somatic Therapy is a healing modality in which the therapist “talks to” and “listens to” the client’s body and nervous system. The aim of SomaSoul is to heal the divide between mind and body, and to engage the client’s awareness of the body experience. The training provides for inner growth along with professional development.

SomaSoul Somatic Therapy Training is for healing professionals and humans wanting to heal, designed to deepen and expand therapeutic resources as well as one’s personal growth journey.


Shake Your Soul is a movement practice that relaxes your nervous system, energizes your body, and awakens your soul through a powerful, fluid dance repertoire set to world music. Our instructors learn to create a sweaty, sacred space where participants find communion within their own bodies and souls as they join in a creative and inspired community of natural dancers.

Shake Your Soul Teacher Training educates individuals on how to facilitate a soulful dance experience that helps their students rediscover the joy and pleasure of dance.

Become a Professional in the burgeoning
field of Somatics

Our training programs expand and deepen your skills as a teacher, healer, and therapist while also serving as a resource for your personal and professional growth.

Registered Somatic Movement Therapist

Our program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Our graduates meet all requirements to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists. Graduates have two years following their graduation to complete 150 practice hours with clients and students to maintain their registration.


Dan Leven is the very embodiment of what is so enlivening about Shake Your Soul/YogaDance. His inspiring style would make anyone want to discover the joy of movement and the pleasure of getting in sync with our fellow human beings. Taking his classes is a delightful way of opening up the body and mind.

Bessel van der Kolk

MD , Trauma Research Pioneer and Author of the Body Keeps the Score

Dan Leven masterfully sets the stage for exploring what it means to be fully alive.  His sincerity, dedication, and exuberance create a space that celebrates joyous transformation.

Jonathan Foust

MA, CSA, President Emeritus of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Author of Body-Centered Inquiry


The SomaSoul training has been such a huge experience for me.

It’s allowed me to deepen my work with clients as well as come from a more alive and genuine place inside myself. It IS the work I do now with my clients.

Emily Hamilton

PhD, Psychotherapist

Shake Your Soul and SomaSoul taught me to be present in our community. This supportive community helped me through difficult years, to embrace my emotions and listen to my body. After graduating from the program, I’m excited to support others in their own journeys. I am grateful for the faculty and authentic people involved.

Ronni A.